New Journal Entry

Hello everyone, I got this message

Row 1: Party Type and Party is only applicable against Receivable / Payable account

when i try to create new journal entity. Thank in advanced.

Which account are you selecting? Is that of type “Receivable” or “Payable”? If yes, the you have select customer/supplier against them in Party Type and Party field. If no, then open the account record and change the account type.

What is the reason behind this restriction? Whats the impact if we remove this validation?

Say we want to book expenses related to a customer…So user select expense account. How to achieve this?

We don’t maintain individual account for each customer/supplier. Hence while posting in receivable / payable account, we also post the value of party in GL Entry. Later based on this value, we show customer’s outstanding, AR/AP report, customer’s account statement etc.

As you want to book expenses, selecting an expense account, account type should not receivable, set it as blank.

thank you

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