New leave application window not showing up on clicking "New" button

Hello I recently updated to V7 and now I am trying to make new leave application but bathing happens when I am clicking on making a new application. Please assist.

Works fine in my test account. Any error message in the browser’s console?

I just checked console and following is the error. -

Hi Umair,
could you please help me on this.


Make sure to upgrade bench to version 4

$ bench update --bench
# Confirm bench version using following
$ bench --version

Once Bench is at latest version, then:

~/frappe-bench$ bench update --requirements
~/frappe-bench$ bench retry-upgrade

I am running bench 4.1.0
after that I did the next step

~/frappe-bench$ bench update retry-upgrade
it gives following error
Error: Got unexpected extra argument (retry-upgrade)

Corrected my bad… Thanks