New library application

A small advertisement for myself :slight_smile: :
I built a small frappe-framework-based app that can help reduce doubling of articles and books obtained in PDF form.

The App
The app can be obtained by:

bench get-app --resolve-deps
bench --site [Your site] install-app frappe_library

You already have a Frappe Framework instance running at your organization. You have an R&D department. Your R&D uses a lot of literature for their work (e.g. books, book sections, articles, etc.).
In order to be able to share these resources and not needing to download more and more duplicates of the same PDF from the internet clogging up your storage, you can use this app.

What Does it Do?

  1. You obtain a PDF file of your book\book section\article\etc.
  2. You make sure the PDF is searchable, i.e. if it is an old scanned article, pass it through an OCR application (e.g. OCRMyPDF)
  3. Check issue date, authors, etc. for the document in the list. if it exists, you’re done! :slight_smile:
  4. If the document doesn’t exists, upload it to the Frappe Library module’s Books and Articles list
  5. Hit the “Guess Information” button and let the magic happen
  6. Before leaving, make sure you have all the data inserted correctly (I think that at list there should be a name, issue date, or at least year, and authors).

Simple, right?

If the app becomes popular enough I may add a tool for preforming a duplicates search, allowing for deletion of unneeded copies.