New live classes in the new Frappe LMS

Good day all

As anyone perhaps configured the Live Classes via Zoom on the latest Frappe LMS ?

I seem to be stuck and unfortunately there is no error that I can report. Got my Account ID,
Client ID, +secret after creating an app om zoom that I have activated.

When I entered all the credentials on ERPNext LMS no errros and yet I do not see any traffic
on the Zoom page that shows App requests. I am expecting this page to report traffic in the
same way as google cloud console does.

I have configured the Google calendar and that seems fine.

I understand it will be difficult for someone to say what is wrong. What would also help is
perhaps someplace I can look


Did you create a live class after the zoom setup?

Can you share screenshots of the live class page?

Also can you describe in detail what kind of traffic are you talking about?

Thank you @Jannat_Patel for your response.

Since my previous post I have discovered an error with the googel calendat request , it seems.
The Calendar that I created on Google was from a V13 system. When I replicated the process on
my V14 ( LMS ) system I get an error. It seems that the incorrect URL request is being sent .
The request is …


I am expecting where there is"localhost" ??

So let me first get that sorted, then I can move forward with the live classes.

What did you set as redirect URI while creating the google calendar client?

Good day @Jannat_Patel

I used the format …

where would be the domain of my V14 server.

When I click the …
“Authorize Google Calendar Access” button, I get the error

Error 400: redirect_uri_mismatch

In the details of the error report, it reports that the request contain the URI…


I am expecting the request to contain in the request ?