New mobile app for ErpNext and systems integrations

Our company’s team has a big experience in web and mobile app development, plus a good experience in system integration.
We are working on implementing ErpNext in Egypt and GCC, starting with Saudi Arabia. We focus on adding a real value to the customers by addressing the business needs in the regions and support them from a business perspective not just software.

Getting into the point of this topic; we are working on developing a mobile app, and it will be really good if we get all your needs and roadmap, including any points of integration with other systems,so we can cooperate and make sure our solution and system connectors are on the right track.

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Your topic is really vague, can you be more specific? what type of mobile app? what ERPNext modules you are targeting? what you are trying to achieve? what types of integrations?

just throwing the word mobile app means nothing without specifics and examples

Hi @khaledYusufEG

Thanks for your interest in developing this. I would suggest you hook up with @revant_one and his team to combine efforts. They’ve done a lot of ground work in this regard

Please keep us posted with developments. Hopefully the community will benefit from your contributions in the near future :wink:



As pointed out by @ganas it really would help for you to detail what you have in mind. This will help get more meaningful feedback and contributions from the community. You could just start with some bullet points of features that you are currently proposing and/or working on and others can make their inputs

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I am wondering if my post was that much bad!

Anyhow, thanks for your questions; that is most welcomed to make it clear to everyone.

  1. What type of mobile app?
    Please illustrate the types you mean; examples of those types, would be good.
    Mobile app will support Android and iOS, Windows will be address in later stage;
    It will target the the top and middle management in the organization in the first stage, and that is in term of BI reports and dashboard, in addition to the requests approvals like vacations, expense claims, and POs.

  2. What ERPNext modules you are targeting?
    Starting with accounting and HRMS (HR core and Payroll), plus supply chain.

  3. What you are trying to achieve?
    A solution hub that utilize the strength of ErpNext and add the value of other systems that provide functions/service still not provided by ErpNext or still premature. And the flexibility of the mobility especially to the decision makers in the organizations.

  4. What types of integrations?
    Mainly, B2B integration. For example, we did an integration between a project management/issue tracker system and ErpNext, reflecting that on the accounting of that last.
    We are working on other integration with a cloud solution having an advanced payroll module covering all Saudi Arabia HR and payroll policies and procedures.

Thanks, Wale, for the two kind replies.

I answered Ganas, so please advise if that needs more elaboration. It is just an introduction, and I welcomed all suggestions and requests to be considered in our roadmap.

For sure, I’ll look at the references that you share to see the best way of cooperation.


So correct me if I’m wrong, your goal is to make an app that targets upper management where it aggregates data from ERPNext and provide dashboard like functionality, it also notify about required prompt actions in work flow.

I’m just still not sure about what you mean in point 4? shouldn’t integrations be done at the core level first before moving to mobile app?

BTW, I’m not trying to be meaine here, I just wanted things to be clear to the point. Because everyone will be lost when talking with generalization.

Yes, all your stated in the first paragraph is correct.

Regarding point 4, there is a difference between two things we are going to do: 1) integration , and 2) the mobile app.
Example of the integration: the integration we did between the issue tracker system and ErpNext, while there is mobile app at in that project.
Example of the mobile app: Simply, the mobile app allows the expense claim approval. That is directly with ErpNext without any integration with other systems.

Thanks for the illustration, I agree with you, it is good to make everything clear.


Dear All,

I appreciate sharing the most important features and functions you want to find on the mobile app. Please try to set a priority score for each function/feature.

Thanks in advance.