New Module Def not showing

Hello just trying to add new module to newly create apps

im using the latest erpnext on ubuntu 16.04

i create the apps using terminal
bench new-app testapp
bench install-app testapp

and i create the 2nd module from “New Module Def”

then create a new doctype for that module

when i reload the page the module dua is not showing…
only module satu is showing.

but i can search the test dua using awesome bar but the module name beside the erp logo is missing ( not like the module satu )

i have edit the and modules.txt

can someone enlight me how to fix this?

looks like it was pay to get help here

1 module 1 apps

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nope. i can create more than module for 1 apps

oke. thanks for your information, i test and its work, thanks

Anyone knows if there is a way that the Module Def appears in the sidebar?


need to add that new module to your apps desktop on config folder
then do bench migrate

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@anditsung thanks