New online training course: Frappe Framework + Apps for Non-Devs 🚀

Are you ready to unlock the power of the Frappe Framework and revolutionize how you work with it?

Join @buildwithhussain , Frappe Framework expert and host of the #BuildWithHussain YouTube series, as he guides you through this learning experience: Frappe + Apps for Non Devs

By the end of this course, you’ll be equipped to:

:jigsaw: Utilize no-code/low-code features of Frappe Framework and leverage its power
:wrench: Manage sites and app deployments seamlessly with Frappe Cloud
:bar_chart: Create beautiful charts and dashboards with Frappe Insights
:woman_juggling: Get the most out of your Frappe instance and essential Frappeverse apps

Get ready to dive into the Frappeverse like never before:

:calendar: October 17-21, 2023
:globe_with_meridians: Online Training at an affordable rate