New planning to use for Jewellery Manufacturing Industry

Hello Community,

can we use this ERPNext for Jewellery Manufacturing Industry ??? Any workflow or does we need any customization for it. ??

Did you find a solution or make one?

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No , We didnt find an solution , we have dropped the project.

Yes you can use ERPNext for any type of business. For jewelry you may need to create a new app like Health Education with specific requirements of jewelry industry.

Else try with items and add variations like 22 carat etc. Also I guess making charges needs to be defined either within the product or as a separate cost.

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Actually it was very difficult project. so we left. but now i am trying to get back that project.

@dineshpanchal432 Were your team able to come up with jewelry module for ERPNext like GST, Supply chain, finance for manufacturing. Please call me so that we can connect and understand more