New POS interface - Please contribute to the bounty :) [Now $1010!]

@rohit_w looks great.

Grate Work @rohit_w, but How can I use this in restaurant?
Should I create walking customer?
What about tables?

Hi @Mohammed_Redha,

Can we add text field(Notes) in the POS and you can add the table information in that field. This field will be display in the toggle list view, or you can create the customer based on table no and make invoice against them

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I don’t think restaurant POS was a part of this project. Maybe a new Issue?

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Won’t it work for you by treating ‘Table numbers’ as customers?


Like @rmehta said Restaurant PoS should be a new issue, I am interested in that feature too, but would want the main PoS resolved first

Yes please - this is essential

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Just one more suggustion…if it’s possible to create custom field on pos screen


I also would love to see Restaurant module in POS. Would open a whole new segment for ERPNEXT. But I feel one step at a time is the need. Once the new POS passes UAT then Restaurant POS can be taken up. Whilst doing restaurant it would be appropriate to work on Hotel management module (bookings, rooms, occupancy, Telephone billing etc).

A big thank you to all the folks who are contributing with development, time, money and feedback.

May the force be with you!!!

I added $100 on the bounty through my Paypal account. The transaction went through fine, not sure why bounty page didn’t get updated. Will wait for 24 hours to see if it does.

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Thanks @Muzzy your contribution has been added to the bounty. Just one quick note: this funding is going to the features stated earlier and agreed upon before starting the bounty, and thanks for the frappe team as they took the challenge to implement it and they almost finalizing it and will come in version 8. All I’m saying that this has nothing to do with restaurant pos which should be a separate issue in a different topic where interested people can come together to discuss required restaurant like pos features and the interface mockups and maybe start a new bounty. I’d love to contribute to restaurant pos but someone need to get the ball rolling :slight_smile:

Would it be possible to add the possibility to pass information into the new POS as it used to be possible in previous versions? Can that be added to bounty?

See Pass information into POS transaction in new versions

The features in this bounty were finalized two and half months ago, the contributors funded that set of features, and the frappe team already working on it and they will claim the bounty as soon as version 8 is out.

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Yay $1000!

Thanks for the updated bounty. This is almost complete now.

Thanks to @rohit_w and @netchampfaris. A post on this will come soon!

Hi. Yes I am aware that this is not restaurant pos. I definitely would be interested in restaurant management using ERPNEXT. Few basics I would like are

  1. Tables layout and management
  2. Bookings
  3. Recipe management
  4. Takeaway
  5. Delivery with delivery location for on thermal paper receipt.
  6. Loyalty program
  7. Multiple charges on total bill eg. VAT, service charge, local municipality charge etc.
  8. Kitchen Order Ticket printing. KOT as it is called.
  9. Tablet view for order taking.
  10. Integration with 3rd party apps like Talabat here that is very popular.

These are few maybe others can add. Let’s get this pos out in V8 and then have new bounty for restaurant management. If anyone can start funding maybe we will contribute as well.

@fkardame FYI.

I want to thank the frappe team @rmehta @rohit_w @netchampfaris and the others of taking this challenge and implementing the features listed in this bounty.

I also wanna thank all the backers @Tropicalrambler @mulyadi-agtechsg @olamide_shodunke @federico_calvo @spa @JayRam @Mohammed_Redha @becht_robert @Pau_Rosello_Van_Scho @Muzzy @rmehta (sorry if I missed anyone I don’t know all the names in the forum ) for contributing the money and the ideas to make this come true.


You are most welcome. The new look is fantastic! Thanks for the effort. This ERP system is now becoming a business manager’s dream, and each day I discover something new and pleasant that makes our administrative tasks simpler and straightforward, this is the best known secret in the ERP software world!

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This is also our point of sales solution that am an integration with ERP Next. it currently not web base nut hope to convert it to web base some day. I like the new screen but the button are 2 small.


OK I’m going to close this thread since the design was delivered and the bounty was claimed.

I encourage any ideas, restaurant pos, …etc to be in a new thread to get more exposure