New print format not being applied for POS Invoice

I created a new print format for pos invoices and set it as the default. But it’s still using the original print format. I’m able to select my new format in form view and print it. But that’s not what I need. I want it to be the default. It’s a Jinja template print format

Hi @zeeeeeeeero,

Please go to the POS Invoice Customize Form and set it.

Then reload and check it.

Default Print format will apply but does not show in Option. so it’s a bug.

Thank You!

It’s still using the standard print format here. This is the POS screen

If you talking above POS screen format then sorry, we don’t have any idea.

I created two print formats and set them as defaults for it. But it doesn’t seem to be used by the print receipt option. Are you sure there is no other setting I could change? Otherwise this seems like a very serious bug