New Print format not visible in Document Print View

We have created new print format for sales order (Please see first screen shot)

But, not able to see the same in Print View (please see second screen shot)

You can see an additional Print format is visible with the same name and without any change (which I made while creating another print format).

In fact, we have faced surprising behavior for Print Format previously also.

  • If we make certain changes (from print view) it does not reflects all the time. (some times it reflects some times not).

Now, also I made change to another “Sales Order Format” visible as per second screen shot above, both the format changed. And after some times both the formats are reset to old format.

@Deven_Shah Cache might be causing such behaviour… At Top most right corner under your name, Reload option is available in menu, it will clear cache and maybe issue will resolve.

We always check only after reload. Still it is happening.

There seems to be problem related to cache only. But, even after reload (removal of cash), it gets remained. Such behviour observed only for Print formats.