New process implementation for service industry

I am using erpnext for service industry.
We are managing our service using projects and tasks. We have project template created for each type of service . Each project template is having set of tasks. When a project is assigned employees complete each task and marl completion.
As of now each task has a document template that is saved separately in excel . I am thinking of integrating this document template in erpnext .
Following is my requirement .
Each project will have 5-6 stages/task. Eg:- Appointment formalities, Planning, Budgeting, Execution , Review ,Report creation .Each stage will have different tasks. Employee has to complete a template for each task Once the template or form is approved task gets automatically completed .There should be an option to download each template in pdf.
Can any one give me insight on how to accomplish this. On a basic research I understand that a new doc type ,template and workflow can be created for this. More insight would be really helpful .Thanks in advance

If I understand correctly, you have 5-6 stages in a project and each stage would have multiple tasks.

Currently you’ve defined the tasks for each stage in an Excel file and the different stages to a project in the project template.

So if I’m not wrong, then you can make the stages as group tasks and map each stage’s respective tasks as dependent tasks to those group tasks. (This can be done via the same project template, or data import the Excel file)

You could then run a script that goes through the dependent tasks and if they’re all completed, completes the group task (stage) as well.

Thanks for the response.

However my query is on working/documentation in each stage/task. Each task has checklists and templates which is now maintained in excel .I need some screen/form where all details are captured from employees . This should be downloadable. Is it possible to have forms inside task ?

Depending on the number of fields you’re going to capture you can easily add another tab containing all the fields in the Task DocType.

However you could also create a new DocType to store all the forms, and link them to a task. You could then import the checklist linked to the created tasks. (However you might find difficulty in mapping the correct tasks to each checklist during import.)