New Production Plan

I would like to announce you that, we have replaced Production Plan Tool with new Production Plan. Currently, this feature is available in develop branch and will be released in version 11.
The new features added in production plan are as below

  • Production planning tool was single doctype therefore keeping track of production plans was not possible, but with new production plan it’s possible.

  • User can enable/disable Include Exploded Items(Use Multi-Level BOM) against each item in production plan item which was not present previously in the production planning tool

Kindly give us your feedback!


Hi @rohit_w

If we select exploded item, material request for raw material should consider the sub assembly stock.


When exclude exploded Items, material request for raw material works fine.

When include exploded items, the material request for raw material for production raises actual qty - planned qty but we already have the stock balance of Sub Assembly 1. So we need to raise the balance quantity for the Sub Assembly 1.

Hi @nagarajan

Thanks for reporting the issue
We have already identified and fixed this issue, and currently it’s under review and soon we’ll release it

@rohit_w does your fix work for Multi-level BOMs as well? There could be a case where there are 3-4 levels of BOMs.
This way does your fix traverse the entire tree and find out the best combination ?

Is there any way that material requests can be consolidated? It doesn’t make sense to me why there would be separate material requests for purchase for the same item from a production plan.

Can you please create the GitHub issue?


I do have a request, is it possible to re-enable the .csv download functionality previously had with the Production Planning Tool, for each instance of the Production Plan DocType?