New Quotation: Unable to find exchange rate

Hi all,
I installed through Bitnami on DigitalOcean an instance of ERPNext.
Specs of the installation are as following:

  • ERPNext v.6.9.2
  • Frappe v.6.8.2
  • I created 3 new Price Lists, and deleted the standard ones created by default
  • I filled up all the requested fields about the desired currency with the EUR currency
    “Problem” is when I try to create a new quotation and a pop up show the message “Unable to find exchange rate”, even multiple times.
    Any suggestion about?

PS Please forgive my poor English, I’m not an English mother tongue.

I guess your quotation must be in a different currency then the pricelist you use?
As far as I understand by default the exchange rate is pulled automatically from Maybe somehow there is nothing pulled in your case (lack of connectivity maybe?)
Anyway you can still define your own custom exchange rate (which will become the new default as soon it has been set up.)

  1. type “Currency Exchange List” in the search field (top right of the screen) on Open the Currency Exchange list
  2. make a new Currency Exchange entry (for the 2 currencies envolved

does that make you error disappear? Such setup would result into a fixed rate though (I assume the rate pulled from will be updated dynamically).

Hi, thanks for your prompt reply.
1 - I made all the pricelists with EUR currency and the quotation on EUR as well.
2 - I fixed already the exchange for the requested currencies (USD and EUR) on a 1 to 1 rate, just for testing.
Moreover if I proceed with the data insertion (after closing the popup that warns me about its inability on finding the exchange rate) in the end, when saving, I get another warning popup, which tells me: “Accounting Entry for Customer: TEST_CUSTOMER can only be made in currency: USD”.
Of course the billing currency for the customer (for all of the customers actually) is in EUR.
About a possible lack of connectivity I don’t think this is the cause.
Maybe the trouble is coming because I deleted the standard price lists automatically created by the system during installation?

I am pretty new to ERPN myself and my actual knowledge was exhausted with my previous suggestion. So just guessing around now …

I wouldn’t be completely baffled whether that might be the cause of your troubles. I’d try to check whether there is any way to mark something like ‘use as default pricelist’. That’s at least something I’d try.

2 - I fixed already the exchange for the requested currencies (USD and EUR) on a 1 to 1 rate, just for testing.[/quote]
like this it will not be obvious whether the conversion actually works when you are testing (cause the sum will be the same not matter whether it’s working or not)