New Reports to be developed

Hi Everyone,

I am very much new to this technology, can anyone tell me the easiest way to develope reports.
Also from where I can know about table names and their respective column used in.
One more thing that I would also want to know that how to register the report into the ERPNext.

Check this KB

For column names, you can check via Customize Form (or browse the DocType)

Thanks a lot Rishabh.

I appreciate if you answer my these queries.
I have a scenario, that if I send some Raw Material outside the premises for Sub-contracting purpose.
Means I am sending X and Y and vendor will give me Z. Also I have a defined BOM of Z where X and Y are child.
Question 1: On which document I will send the material to the vendor out of the premises. Specially when the item is excisable.
Q2. Now if the vendor send us the material back without jobwork, then what is the process to receive the raw material back?

Another question:
In the stock entry form:
Q1. Under the Purpose Material Issue: If there is no default target store, then where I can track the material issued?
Q2. How to issue the material to shop floor against production order?
Q3. Under the Purpose Material Receipt: If there is no default source store then from where the materail will be recived?
Q4. If we want to receive the material back from shop floor, then how we will recceive the stock from shop floor to warehouse. If this will be done by stock transfer then what is the use of Material Receipt?

Another Question:
I have opened 2 different companies say Company C1 and Company C2
I have a user U1, I want to give different rights of different companies to the same user. Can you tell me the steps to do the same?

Another Question:
I have 2 companies say C1 and C2. Now I want some material from C1 to C2 bot are at different geographical locations. How I will raise an Internal Sales Order from C1 to C2 and while receiving the material at my premises. How the accounting will be done?

Another Question:
I hvae ordered an item to the vendor and the delivery date is let say 3-Aug-2015, now if the vendor delivery me the material 1 month before the delivery date say on 3-July-2015. Now if I receive the material in July, according to the PO term, Payment On Delivery, it will be showing in my aging and my liablity will increae. Now I want that it should hit the aging either on the delivery date or either on the receiot date whichever is higher. Is there any way to di it?

Sorry so many questions but no one is giving me reply on these questions properly

Hi Mr. Mehta,

I am a new one to erpnext. I also need help on report development but the link you have referred is not working. Can you help with it?


check this ,

Thanks its working.