New role like system manager for user

Hello All,

i have created a custom field called “Supplier” in the User, as this is a requirement from the company, a workflow has been added to the “User” and a new role “UserApprover” has been created and this role have the permissions to read and write.

however, the company wants the user with “UserApprover” role should be able to approve or reject the new users. it is working fine, but the main issue is if i dont have the System Manager role for a user, then filters are being set such as “Supplier = Vendor1 or Vendor2” and “Name =” [ which is the current logged in user, however i want to view all the users with “supplier = Vendor1 or Vendor2”

and also i tried to set the Document Types in the role to check “If Supplier is permitted”, when i check this field, i am getting the filter as “Supplier = Vendor1 or Vendor2” which is exactly what i needed, however it is even giving me the result if the Supplier is not set.

Can anyone help me with this.


What would you like to achieve with this users role?