New role to all users

Is there a way to assign a new role to all users and remove another role from all users?

i.Go to β€œUser” Documents (Path->Setup-User)
ii.Open β€˜User’ form
iii. Open One of the user
iv. Scroll Down page -Inside Roles Section can give newly created role to that user (i.e checked /Uncheck respective role)
vi. save form.

Refer Link

Thank you @shraddha but in my question I am asking how to do assign a role to ALL the users, not one-by-one. I have already more than 50 users and this way is painfull!

For that you Download β€œUser” template with data
and Give that Role name to all Users and Import csv file.

Path->Data Import tool->User


The exported cvs doesn’t easy to edit or add records. There is a field with a random key and this random key is not equal for the different users, see example:
One user has β€œβ€,β€œβ€,β€œβ€,β€œβ€,β€œβ€,β€œβ€,β€œβ€,β€œβ€,β€œβ€,β€œβ€,β€œβ€,β€œβ€,β€œβ€,β€œβ€,β€œβ€,β€œβ€,β€œβ€,β€œβ€,β€œβ€,β€œβ€,β€œβ€,β€œβ€,β€œβ€,β€œβ€,β€œβ€,β€œβ€,β€œβ€,β€œβ€,β€œβ€,β€œβ€,β€œβ€,β€œβ€,β€œβ€,β€œβ€,β€œβ€,β€œβ€β€œ4c9b054039"β€β€œ,β€œWebsite Manager”,β€β€œ,β€β€œ,β€β€œ,β€β€œ,β€β€œ,β€β€œ,”"

and the next user has the same role as

Unfortunately this is not a solution to my problem.

@emakis there isnt a way of doing this at the moment. You can raise a feature request for the same.