New Sale Invoice Issue

Hi all, I have problem with Issue New Sale Invoice.
When adding item the amount show up and add another item it also total from above. But when delete item 2, the total amount doesnt update, it keeps total from item 1 and 2 , while item 2 is not exist anymore. Any solutions for that?

Hi there,
Is it still showing the wrong value even after saving? Some of these calculated fields update only on save.

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Hi, when click on printing it still happens with the wrong total number. But when click on save it change the total amount to the correct one.


Reload via the user icon, top right , will also update before saving.

I already tried but not working on reload.

Yeah, this is just one of those things where you have to save before printing if you want all values to be correct. It’s likely not just deleting item rows but also changing qty that would lead to this incongruence.

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But when we save the total amount is correct, but we can not delete the invoice(For testing). How can we delete it do you have any idea?

By design you are not supposed to be able to delete a submitted sales invoice.
If you really want, you can delete the invoices AND their related payments etc from the database, but it is not recommended.

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thank you for your explanation!