New Shareholder page is not loading

I am trying to add a shareholder but the page appears to stop loading. This is what I get

What should I be looking at to fix this problem.

@JDG Umm…that is how it works.

  1. Add a Shareholder
    - Title = Name of the Shareholder
    - Add Address / Contact

  1. Create a new Share Transfer and Submit.

  1. The Shareholder master now holds the information of the Share Transfer:

Learn more here

My page does not have a way to add an address though.

@JDG Upon entering the “Title”, please click Save to store this Shareholder, and after that you have the provision to add Addresses / contacts. If you already followed these steps, and still can’t add an address, please report the issue (preferably with screenshot of the screen that you see once Shareholder is saved.)

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Yup, that’s how it worked. Thanks. On a side note, the shareholder module seems to work alone. In other words, transactions entered there do not show up in the general ledger or chart of accounts and have to then be duplicated there. Is this correct?

“Is this correct?”

So you are not aware of Share Balance and Share Ledger accounts Share Reports

I think I was revering to how issuing shares doesn’t effect Accounts. Now there is a Make Journal Entry button so that it can, even if not automatically.

So you have answered your own question it seems?

I guess so. I had forgotten all about it.