New-site only has Tools Email Inbox Explore on desktop?

I did install a server with the script sudo python --production. Linux Ubuntu. All fine and working with this clean setup. All icons could be setup at Menu: Show or Hide Desktop Icons

But when creating a new domain:

  1. cd frappe-benchsudo
  2. bench config dns_multitenant on
  3. sudo bench new-site
  4. sudo bench set-nginx-port 443
  5. sudo bench setup lets-encrypt

Login to Login works fine SSL ok

But New-site only has Tools Email Inbox Explore on desktop ? Do i forget something here ?
And Show or Hide Desktop Icons menu has few options then the site1.local i created at first setup.

you need to install erpnext on your site

bench --site install-app erpnext

It needs to be a fresh site though.

Solved by steps:

sudo bench --site reinstall
bench --site install-app erpnext :blush:

Great product. I am installing this for my boss :hugs:

I handle the ICT. Great product and great community. Is there also a paid support ? If maybe needed in the future ? We like to keep erpnext on our own server. Can we support your product ? Like a Donation ? :gift:

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yes frappe team provide support for for self-hosted

ways to support with money:

Other ways to support:

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