[New Suggestion] User mandatory Email is not always the case

Currently in ERPnext Global settings offer the functionallity that registered users can login:

  1. Email or
  2. Username or
  3. Phone.

and User creation is based on EMAIL mandatory condition.

But there are real case scenarios that companies do not create for all employees emails or even an employee dont have its own email (or even dont want to share that with the company). For example in manufacturing an employee that just put stuff from one box to another should not have a company base schema email.

A workaround is a “fake” email is User list section but this creates error issues in mail servers. For example you have 20 employees using the same “fake” email (that is mandatory for User creation) and you have set up Newsletter for the your instance. This means that your mail server will get 20 email delivery failure notifications.

So, it should be possible to have either email or username as mandatory (if username is set email can left blank the other way) The best implementation will be in Global settings to select your User Method Creation for example if it will created based on only email or only username or both.

Any thoughts? Any suggestion?

This is more a Frappe framework issue rather than Erpnext


Username should be mandatory, email shouldn’t. We have a company with 100 employees which will need some access to ERPNext for paperless shop floor, manufacturing documentation, leave approval, etc. but of those only about 25 do have email accounts. We definitely don’t want a regular worker to have access to email nor should they have to monitor an email.

What about to enable social login? …i’m quite sure 99% of employees have Facebook, Instagram, Tweeter :grimacing:

Seriously speaking, allowing setting mandatory email or username could be a solution

Email is currently mandatory but shouldn’t. Only username should be required.

Got it, but I still think is better to have a choice for system manager to decide what should be mandatory between the two

Yes that would be preferred if you could configure that. Either probably has to be required.

Yes, email should not be mandatory.

Anyone have any idea on this ?

We have implemented education module for a kindergarten and the students don’t have email addresses. With email being mandatory and unique we cannot use the email addresses of parents as well. Any ideas ??

I guess this is still not resolved, but for us (Education domain) having username as a mandatory field is much better compared to email.

Any updates on this?