New test invironment

We are Nilebasin-sci looking to build our 15 users account on Erpnext. We are building this in demand of a vertual business, Fertilizer factory:

  1. 50 employee out of which 10 users uses ERPNEXT.
  2. 10 suppliers for ore material.
  3. 50 customers.
  4. 5 products.
  5. one factory. two lines, two ore material store, and two finished product stores.
  6. will be interested in HR, Accounting, order processing, sales quote, supply request, warehouse, Manufacturing as a minimum start up modules.
    we have elementary experience with erpnext, possibly we need remote support to build up system up to being 100% live in move healthy and same as real system complete with reporting and other listed modules and functions above.
    I welcome freelancers as well as dealer support.
    kindly send me your experience on above and clear offer.

please post your job here


Hello sagar,
Thaks for the note,
Iā€™m the managing Director, and we are currently operating in Saudi Arabia

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