New theme for Arabic RTL support with v12 and v13

Dear All
Our team manege to create new theme appe for frappe and erpnext
with some colors and images and better handling to RTL in Arabic
tested with v12 and v13
It’s based on hashir bluetheme

to test it and help us to improve it

bench get-app GitHub - AshrafBrzy/adrletheme001: Arabic supported frappe and ERPNext theme for v12 v13
bench --site YOURSITENAME install-app adrletheme001

we hope it help this grate community
Ashraf Brzy


how can i setup in localhost

bench get-app
bench --site YOURSITENAME install-app adrletheme001

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Great Job @ashraf_brzy1 Thanks a lot for your contribution !!!

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i installed it , but with developer edition the view is normal , u can see pic att

with production old edition also can not get with your view you showed it in ur pic

so can u explain to me how can i get the same your look regarding icons and dashboards and all look

must install bluetheme first ?

you don’t need to install bluetheme
my images from v13 your image from v12

thanks for you replay , can u send me commend install v13. , or commend upgrade from v12

bench switch-to-develop
bench migrate
bench update

be ready for some error and search for fix
make sure to do it on test server not live one

Hey Ashraf ,

Nice theme , i installed in my local instance but the desk icons not reflected in home page for the modules .