New to ubuntu and cannot open localhost:8000 please help

Someone please help me to solve my problem that i cannot open my http://localhost:8000 for erpnext and I am new to UBUNTU virtual box and also ERPNEXT

First if you have downloaded development version of erpnext then just open your terminal and run bench start and then refresh your browser using ctrl + F5.

If problem still exists then,


  1. Just open your terminal command window and type “ifconfig” and press enter.
  2. You will get inet addr
  3. Now open your browser and replace localhost to inet_addr

for ex:

Hope this will resolve your problem.

Shubham Kumar

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check for redis and nginx server using

sudo netstat -tnlp command in ubuntu.
if they are not running then start them

sudo service nginx start
sudo systemctl start redis

thanks i did it

Dear Friend

Please do let me know more about production version and development version as I am new to programming but i am doing it with help from here which version is good for me ?

if u want cstomization then development version
production version