New UI Changes in ERPNext - As suggestion

New UI is very useful. With this ERPNext is very close to “My Dashboard” kind of utility.

Just provide utility for “Add to My Dashboard” (Please have a look at following picture) similar to “Add to Desktop”… And lo… My Dashboard is ready for each module!!! If a report can be shown in view mode, it can be an additional feather on the cap.

@Deven_Shah we have this idea too :smile:

The top bar will show key stats in the dashboard

@rmehta - This is really nice to hear. :smile:

Apart from just Key Stats, Out of so many hyperlinks (on page - Especially Report), one may needs only max 2-3 on daily basis. If a person is allowed to put the same on the top, it would be very helpful and not required to select out of so many reports.