New UI Setup Wizard Error

Hi all,
I am completely stuck on a brand new docker install at the end of the setup wizard. I’ve followed the advice here, reloading and relogging for more than 30min now, but still I’m presented with the same error:

I’ve followed this advice…

I’m starting a new thread to see if anyone has any tips on getting this rolling. I’m not seeing any error messages in the js or bench consoles, so I’m not really sure how to proceed. Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

yes I also have new install Erpnext 13.x version and got this problem, click several time in retry , back to edit some values in wizards, try and try several times, suddenly pop-up invalid data error and pass the Wizard setup.


I also faced this in native non Docker install

The UX issue where the error message doesn’t change has been fixed in pull/12351