New updates as on 3rd July, 2012

Hello everyone,

These updates have been pushed into the master branch on github. We
have also released them to our customers.

Note: After release, If required, please modify delete permissions of
Contact/Address based on your requirements by going to Setup >
Permission Manager.


[UI FIX] Link fields trigger to be executed on defocus
(pressing tab or clicking outside the link field)

[UI FIX] Ability to show child table values in List View

[UI FIX] Formatted Amount in Chart of Accounts tree

[SECURITY FIX] Logout the concerned user once disabled

[BUG FIX] __CacheItem expiry due to TIMESTAMP

[BUG FIX] delete (instead of marking old) packing list item table
entries when items from item table are removed/changed

[BUG FIX] Ignore blank rows while importing data

[BUG FIX] Serial No. status fix due to wrong packing list

[BUG FIX] On deletion of Serial No., reduce stock of only those,
the status of which is “In Store”

[BUG FIX] Pull available quantity in Sales Order and Delivery Note Items
from default warehouse

[BUG FIX] From henceforth, one can cancel Stock Reconciliation,
even if attachment is deleted

[BUG FIX] Cost Center wise Expense report

[BUG FIX] Delete Customer Account on deletion of Customer


[MINOR] Show employee status in employee list

[MINOR] Allow deletion of Communication

[MINOR] Purchase Order date should be
equal to or greater than Purchase Request date

[FEATURE] Fetch Item details based on Bar Code [can be enabled via
feature setup]

[FEATURE] Recurring Invoices can now be generated Quarterly, Half
Yearly and Yearly
with flexible invoice period

[FEATURE] Ability to reserve an item in one warehouse and
deliver from another warehouse

[FEATURE] Maintenance Visit integration with Maintenance Schedule

[FEATURE] Deletion of Contact/Address from within
Customer/Supplier listing

[FEATURE] Contact and Address Listing

[FEATURE] Contact/Address forms with dual views - Popup / Forms

[FEATURE] Show supplier part number in Purchase Order Item table
(Hidden by default)

erpnext team.

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