NEW v10 Point of Sales... some issues

Hello team!

I found some issues at POS.

1. Why is “Change POS Profile” only available when POS is Online mode?



2. This ERROR happens when user tries to set as default a different POS Profile. And effectively the POS profile isn’t changed.

Confirmed at Sales Invoice.

3. Why is “Allow Print Before Pay” only available on Offline mode?


“Print” button appears only when it’s payed (Online mode)


4. Customer already has a “Preferred Billing Address (Primary)”, why isn’t showed at this window? If any data is input at address fields, these are saved as a new Billing Address.

5. Suppose there’s a Client (a company) who has 4 Contacts, 4 different persons who regularly came to store. All sales will be invoiced to the Company, but every contact would request that each invoice be sent to their own email. Why is not added a field to select a Contact? Or why can’t be selected another email contact with “Email Id” as a link field?

6. Using Online mode, I could change the Contact in the Form View, but only if the Sales Invoice is saved first. Otherwise when the Contact is changed, this happens (see Contact field) and Sales Invoice can’t be saved…

7. If the Sales Invoice is saved first, when go back to POS can’t be edited.

But can be payed and submitted.

We’re going to make design changes in the offline POS in that we will add all the features which are available in the online POS.

Will fix this issue, kindly select the pos profile

Currently we directly submit the sales invoice from the POS, therefore this feature is not available. But soon we’ll add this feature.

This is a bug, we’ll fix this issue.

Make different customer to handle this scenario

Can you please make github issue

This is known issue

Hi @rohit_w!
So glad to get your answers.

I cannot make a different customer per each Contact, because the main Client is the company, invoices will be made to the Company and its Vat ID. We cannot duplicate a Client, just to handle different contacts.

I’m pretty sure that this scenario not only happens in Mexico.

Done: Contact in the Form View (Point of Sale) · Issue #12250 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

@rohit_w, hi again.
I just found that this error happens only if the user has a different language to english. Should be needed to make a github issue?

Excuse me @rohit_w, when are you planning to release these features?

If particular user has multiple pos profiles, system always pickup the default pos profile. Now if you want to change the default pos profile you can do it from that option. As you have not selected pos profile from the drop down list the system is breaking, we’ll fix this meanwhile please select the pos profile if you want to set that as default pos profile