Newbi - Setup Help Request

Dear all,

After a long search for a system which would suit my requirements, I came accross ERPNext a few weeks ago. ERPNext is simply amazing. I could not ask for a better piece of software… it simply does everything my business needs.

I managed to do all the initial set ups. However, I require the help of a knowledgeable person to help me properly set up so that we get all the functionalities out of it. This is respect of the POS, Invoicing, Accounts, HR etc…

I tried looking on the forum for a site to hire people to help us in such a task, but could not find it. Would be fantastic if someone could help us with this.


You can consider to buy “support and cloud hosting” plan from Frappe ( ERPNext Pricing 2022 ).

Otherwise, you can also post a job on

Hi Nabinhait, thanks for your response.

We have tried various solutions and this one is great. So, we will move on with the implementation and fully sign up as soon as this is entirely set up.

As such, we are looking to hire someone / short / long term to help us with the implementation. I tried posting a job on the community link you gave… however, the job does not seem to appear.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Are you getting any error while posting the job? In that case, please provide the error message.