Newbie: customized field does not appear

Hello and sorry for the newbie’s stupid question…
I play with the VM ERPNext last updated.
I added the custom field “Fax” (fax number) to the contact document (strange that it is absent) immediately after “Phone” field just copying phone’s attributes (actually only “Bold” is present) and pressed “Update” button - successful result message appeared.
Still, when I open the Supplier->Contact document I do not see Fax anywhere - not in its place and not in any other place in the document.
Also Phone field is not Bold - so what does “Bold” mean?

Please, what do I do wrong?

reload the page from user menu

I reloaded the page, rebooted the VM and even updated the ERPNext - no result.
Still, if I do the “Customize form” from the menu I can see my field present.
Also downloading the template for a data import contains my field too.

screen shot?

I have no explanation to this miracle, but when I opened it again to make the screenshot it suddenly appeared!
Or I am blind, or I am stupid…
No other explanation I see…
Sorry to disturb you.