Newbie Question - Erpnext over Bitnami Virtual Machine - how to use "bench" command over terminal?

Some days ago I installed a bitnami virtual machine over google cloud plataform, but I have some troubles to execute “bench” command on terminal and I can not find the “bin” file to execute anywhere(Where I can find it?). After that I followed the steps in GitHub to the manual frappe framework installation, and I have a lot of problems and difficulties to install all the pre-requesites, but I’ve done … and now I have trouble connecting the databases and the other pre-requesites applications.

So … what’s the best way to customize Erpnext with a clean and optimized installation? and someone knows about some tutorial Step-by-step or guide to help me, because I do not know best practices about frappe installation.

Sorry, about my wrong write.

So far using VM not good for development
our dev setup

  1. Install development in local pc/laptop
  2. create custom app (for further customizations) and install the app in site
  3. setup git
  4. push updates to repo
  5. install app in your site
  6. pull further changes in your production
    Note: ERPNext should be installed in a clean OS

Thanks, I’ll try this.