Newbie question

Hi, I’m very new to ERPNEXT. I’m trying to create a custom app. I created an empty new app and installed it on my site, on a virtual machine (production).

If I start ERPEXT with supervisorctl (this is done automatically on boot) I can not see any change in ERPNEXT, but if I stop supervisorctl and execute bench start I can see my new app and can work on it. I have to add that I have set development mode to 1 in site_config.json

Why is happening this to me? Should I start always ERPNext with bench start ?

Is this the right way to work? On a custom app and copy this new app to production?


You need to create a new site and install your app to that site. bench start is the command to get bench up and running and yes, bench must be running for ERPNext to work. To edit frappe apps, development mode must be enabled. There is no right or wrong way to work on this, any method you adopt to work has its own pros and cons. However do check out this guide on custom frappe apps:

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Check this

The last PR (Big update from following tutorial with frappe v12 and more feature by FHenry · Pull Request #7 · frappe/library_management · GitHub) is an exemple of following the tutorial working on v12 with some enhacement. Only studing matérial, not good to really manage a library :wink:

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