Newbie to ERPNext

Hi,Can i ask something. I’m a php developer for 6 years now i want to learn something new and i have a basic knowledge in JavaScript and Python that’s why i decided to learn Frappe Framework ,ERPNext i already install the things needed for Frappe Framework to run im little confused is it okiey to start customizing ERPNext and Building a new app with just a basic Knowledge of JavaScript and Python.
Can someone till me what kind of stuff i need to learn in order to dig deep in Frappe Framework ,ERPNext. I’m Excited to learn more from you guys.

Thank You,

Hello @Jan-Joven,

For Developer there is tutorial and docs are available you can refer that
Introduction and

Manual Also available for that

@shraddha Thanks. So all in the docs is what i need to learn to dig deep in Frappe and ERPNext?

Welcome @Jan-Joven

Check the following link,

Before You Start

If any queries, you can post it here.

@Sangram Thanks for the Info.