Newsletter Implementation - technical guidance

how do I implement a newsletter app like this?
basically allow users to provide their email address and should be sent an email with a link to verify, then they should be added to an email group and when sending a newsletter the engagement metrics have to be tracked.
could this be done w/o any customization? any references, please

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It’s all built-in. Use your Awesome bar and search for Newsletter. There you’ll have newsletter group, and subscribers in in that group, and the actual newsletters.

@iMoshi thanks for the immediate response.
I could see all: newsletter group, email group, and email template, but I don’t know how to set it up, basically, the process/flow, is there any documentation that I could follow?

as the first step, how do I get the user’s email? via a web form? should I declare a separate doctype for this specifically? if yes, then as the next step, how do I configure to send an email template with a confirmation link?

I have found out a little bit about how Newsletters work on my own by playing around with different doctypes from the awesome bar:

  1. configure an email group
  2. configure email templates for confirm email & welcome email (optional, if not defined default ones would be sent)
  3. you need to trigger ‘cmd:’ with email & email_group params which would eventually trigger the email with the confirmation link
  4. when the user taps on the confirm link from the email, the email address gets added to the email group
  5. now, whenever you send a newsletter to an email group, the user would receive the email unless he has unsubscribed from the list.

but, unfortunately, there are a bunch of issues currently and I have reported them here

it is really sad to see that so much has been done in the Frappe framework but there’s very little documentation on how to get this implemented, this is the main reason why the framework hasn’t seen the limelight that it deserves.

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