Next Contact By & Next Contact Date fields are not present in ERPNext CRM-Lead - V14

I have been looking ways for to get notifications for lead follow-up, But it looks like I don’t find the fields Next Contact By & Next Contact Date.
Following documents mentions about these fields existence

Its a most critical functionality for us.

Hi @Balakrishna_M,

Since 1 year, documentation is not updated.
Documentation copy from version 13.

And CRM upgrades with the new features.

Thank You!

Thanks, Nihantra, forgive me for the delay in reply, the Docs need to be updated.
We’re still unable to find the way to get the notifications for Task created or even Event created specifically for followup reasons:
Ex: I create a Task/Event for a future event in which we expect to send the notification at the event time, which isn’t happening now & we think that was the most important feature of CRM.

Help, me to find a way for doing so.