Next Contact in Lead

Now, only Next Contact person get auto-generated reminder email during lead followup. Is there any possibilities to get auto-generated reminder email for Lead owner?
Also is there any possibility to add multiple IDs in Next Contact by column?

Try creating custom field for Multiple IDs. Auto-generated email can be configured via Email Alert.

You can create Email Alert based on Next Contact By and Next Contact Date.

The system validates that next contact date should be greater than the current date, but if I am uploading leads via the data import tool then for historical information this validation fails and the tool throws up an error. Is there a way to get around this issue?


This is a required validation. Guess there is no point in updating historic date in this field. Perhaps you can insert another custom field for old Next Contact Date.

Thanks for the suggestion Umair, I did follow your advice and it worked for the historical dates, but I left the future dates in the Next Contact Date column intact and it still gave the same error, someting related to datetime and str conversion. Download Lead with data and upload the same file again, throws up an error even with Next Contact Date being a future date.

It could be related to Data Time Format in your ERPNext account. To check standard Date Format of your ERPNext account, go to:

Setup > System Settings

Ensure that in the excel file, you are entering date in the same format.