Next Contact & update

I was looking for a solution to keep the information that was was generated after the call after next contact where the person adds some comments and then again adds the next contact date and person again until the lead was closed or converted.

considering a scenario where if we call A person today and the next call is scheduled tommorow , when we call tommorow we gather few details of the project and then again we need to schedule a call to another day , still the lead cannot be called as a opportunity as we are yet to decide whether he is a potential client

Do we have a way to do this

You can create a Lead and you can keep on adding details till the lead is converted. You can also keep on changing the next contact by and next contact date.

you can use comments right??

You can add comments as suggested by @hereabdulla to keep a track of changes you are making to the lead.

actually we can change the next contact by and contact date but i was thinking to save the existing and freeze the data after the allotted time and add a new row again so that we can keep track of when and by whom previously call was done .

comments might not work for us