NGO accounting workflow

i am trying to work out hosted erpnext for an NGO which gets donations and makes various expenses so i am having trouble with something.

  1. donation received in bank. i am supposed to make a receipt entry for donation but currently i found the only way to make the entry would be to first do donation in “donations” tab.

then do donations to donations receivable. then do bank to donations receivable.

there is three entries for donations and with each entry, is there a way to automate them so that we can do that because this is post facto entry so why are we doing receivable?

why cant i select “bank details” in “donations” page itself and be done with the entry because no one gives donations on credit

there is one “payment details” in the donations page but that doesnt seem to affect the bank so either that is wrong somewhere or i made the bank account wrongly.

i also have some questions about banking integration, does erpnext have indian banking integration? either automatic bank statement entry into the software for review (under suspence) so you can quickly go through them and make dozens of entries in a go and more importantly, if possible, a mechanism to initiate banking transactions from the software itself?

Software like Marg erp have integrations with banks like ICICI and users of those softwares can make banking transactions from there itself without going to banking website(with proper auth obviously)

anyone wiling to give some pointers?

I’ve never used the non-profit module, but it looks like the donations doctype is designed primarily to receive donations via razorpay. You could certainly automate them to get more robust accounting flows, either by extending the doctype in an app or with server scripts. Either approach will require some technical know-how.