No Add Serial No button

Hi have a bundle item that include a item with a serial number.

So when I do my delivery note I need to set the serial number so I have to click on the packaging list table to select my item and enter serial number but the “Add serial No” button is missing under the text field.

I tried to open the packed item form to customize it but it’s exactly the same as the delivery note item so I’m not sure what to do.
I noticed that the packed item is set to read only on the delivery note form and I cannot unset the read only parameter.

So I think it’s a bug.

An ideas?

@Samuel_Gervais I think this was fixed. Can you check again?

I can confirm that it wasnt fixed.
And when I enter the serial number and I press save then submit, i dont understand why but I always get a message telling me that there is no serial number entered so I have to do it an other time and then it work.

any news?