"No Copy" explanaiton

Dears, I have been looking into the features “No Copy” for the fields in the Custom Field or at DocType, can some one briefly describe what is this “No Copy” and what is the effect on that field please?


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Hi @Frila_Mrila

“No Copy” feature => When you duplicate 1 doc will not clone “No Copy” fileds.

  1. When does one need this feature?
    It’s new to me. I’m used to using an entire group of data as a template.
  2. The fact that we don’t understand some field labels means that it’s useful to change them.
    Who wants this discussed and done?
  3. We can improve the linguistic quality of the interface texts.
  4. We can improve the quality of the Frappe user guides.
    It’s difficult to understand Frappe with the current user guide.
    4.1 They seem incomplete.