No_copy feature for Custom Fields and Fixtures application

Hello there,

On ERPNext version-13 and frappe version-13

I have a Custom App where I create custom fields on Sales Invoices and Purchase invoices.
I set in the fixtures

fixtures = [
        "dt": ("Custom Field"),
        "filters": [["name", "in", ("Sales Invoice-accounting_export_date",
                                    "Purchase Invoice-accounting_export_date")],

I run
bench --site XXX export-fixtures

into fixtures/custom_fields.json just created, I edit it manually to set no_copy to 1 (I don’t want this custom fields to be copied on duplicate) and this customization is not available into DocField web edit form

I run bench update successfully

But these fields into tabCustom Field is still with no_copy = 0 for both of them. And in ERPNext duplicate copy the custom fields data.

This is not the case with frappe version-12.

Do you have any clue ?

Seems to be a bad use from me, I forget to update modified date into json custom_fields