No Customers but I have customers...?

I am using ERPNext (v13) with the Healthcare domain and am observing the following oddity.

  1. I have not yet created any customers and do not have user accounts linked to customer
  2. I have created 4 Healthcare Practitioners
  3. I have two users in addition to my main ‘admin’ account

When I go to Sales Invoice and click on “Create a new Sales Invoice” in the subsequent window when I click in the “Customer” field (which is a Link field linked to the Customer DocType - that is empty in my case) I see two options. One is one of the four Healthcare Practitioners I have created and the other is one of my two other users.

I’ve checked the Healthcare Practitioners and they all have the same settings.

The user that appears has the same settings as the other user I have created.

So, I can’t figure out why those two are appearing because:

a. They are not in the Customer DocType
b. They don’t have any differences with others that are not appearing.

The only thing I can think of that differentiates them is:

  1. The Healthcare Practitioner has an appointment associated with it…not sure how this would make it appear as a customer…?

  2. The user, however, does not differ from the other user in the system in any way…that I can figure out.

Does anyone know what criteria are used to categorize an entity within ERPNext Healthcare as a Customer…outside of the entity being listed in the Customer DocType?


Only the patients will become customer in healthcare module. Not the healthcare practitioner or users. can you check the same in another instance?


Thanks for your response here. Actually, I don’t want the patients to be customers in my case but that is a different problem that I guess I’ll have to deal with. For now, I have it set up such that when new patients are added, they are not simultaneously created as customers.

What I don’t understand is why one of my Healthcare Practitioners and one of my users are showing up when I put my cursor in the “Customer” field when attempting to create a new invoice. I would expect it to simply ask me if I want to create a customer as I don’t have any.

Unfortunately I only have the one instance I’m running so I’m unable to test this elsewhere.


Attached are screenshots of my customer list (empty) and what results when I click in the “Customer” field when making an invoice. The “individual” is a made up user and the second is my Healthcare Practitioner.


Can you remove the filters " all customer groups" & " all territories" in customer list and check the list?

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Thanks again. You got it! :slight_smile: Hmm, removing those filters shows that I do, in fact, have two customers. The two that were appearing of course. I’m not exactly sure why only those two have “customer” affiliations but that explains my initial problem.

Sorry for taking your time for such a simple issue. :flushed:

Much appreciated

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