No Delivery Notes listed in v10

I upgraded to v10.0.8 over the weekend. Although I sell services, I use delivery notes to track work I’ve completed - very convenient for checking progress on projects with multiple line items. After upgrading, no Delivery Notes are listed in the Stock/Delivery Note screen. Help! I need to cancel a delivery note so I can amend an order whose requirements have changed after I delivered the first item.

Check permission settings, most importantly “User Permissions”.

Thanks for your reply, nabinhait. I’ve been using ERPNext for a few years now and have not had any problems with permissions. I can still see all my quotations and sales orders, just not delivery notes (although I could see them all before upgrading). I checked the roles against my user in Settings/User and have enabled all roles just to be sure. I also checked User Permissions but appear to have full access to that DocType except for Import and Export. I also reloaded to clear the cache just in case, but still no delivery notes. I’ve also checked the DB to make sure the record are actually there - they are. Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

Check if you can see the data in Report view. Or is there any error message in browser’s console while opening list view of Quotation?

Still I have a feeling that it is related to permission. In permission manager, check if “Apply User Permissions” has checked and in case it is check ensure that linked doctypes are also checked using “Select Document Types” link.

Thanks. I’ll run the reports, check the Browser console, and double-check those settings. If still nothing, I’ll try passing a new Delivery Note as I haven’t done one since the upgrade, check in the database and see if there are any differences in data. Maybe it’s a matter of just setting a new flag or something. Will give you feedback as soon as I can.

No problem with the reports and new delivery note looks fine, but my browser console shows this error. Should I paste the full text? Looks like a missing property to me, maybe a field not added in this upgrade?

against_sales_order property does exist in tabDelivery_Note_Item in the DB. Maybe it’s a corrupt record?

In Permissions Manager, roles against Delivery Note are Sales User, Material Manager, Material User, Accounts User - all Level 0 - and Material Manager - Level 1. All have “Apply User Permissions” except Material Manager Level 1, for which the option is not displayed. Sales User, Material Manager and Material User have all permissions except Import, Export and Set User Permissions. Account Users has Read and Report Missions Only. Material Manager Level 1 has Read and Write permissions - no others displayed against it.

Not sure about “Select Document Types” though. Only “If Company is permitted” was checked so I checked “If Delivery Note is permitted” but that made no difference. Should I check all the options? I’ve never messed with permissions before - only used the default ones. It’s my single user system so I never bothered because everything worked fine.

Hi. Any word on this problem? I sent you a screenshot of an error in my Browser console. Since then I also came across an error when posting an invoice. But I ran a “bench upgrade --reset” and that solved the invoice problem but not the delivery note problem. I also tried “bench upgrade --patch” in case there was a issue with DB fields but that didn’t solve the problem.

Hi. I appear to have fixed the problem. I just ran “bench switch-to-develop”, “bench update --patch”, “bench switch-to-master”, “bench update --patch” and I can see delivery notes again. Must have been a glitch during the initial update. It seems that switching between master and develop solves many problems, just like the old turn-it-off-and-back-on-again fix. So this issue is closed. Thanks.

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