No documentation for Accounting Period doctype

I am not able to find any documentation for Accounting Period doctype how it’s used.

Any idea how to use the same?


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Well I found a Github issue but still the intended functionality is not clear, I posted a question on Github Issue.
Lets hope one of the contributors is able to answer the question


Accounting period i think is something like sage accounting software u can specifiy periods per month or so in which u can book ur entries

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While I was not able to post a new transaction into a closed period, I was however able to cancel a transaction that was posted in a closed period.

Is this supposed to be the functionality of this function or a bug? i was thinking no transaction should be allowed on the documents in a closed period either new or cancellation.

Your thoughts please


Here is the documentation to the accounting period doctype:

Yes, I could replicate this in my test instance. We will get this fixed. Thank you for reporting.

Is there any progress regarding this issue ? I tried all the steps in the documentation, yet still able to post transaction in the closed period.
When I tried to look into the code I found nothing on the ClosedDocument class

Is it possible to close all transaction and documents once an accounting period is created? this includes the sales order, purchase order, projects and other documents.

How can I prevent the creation, cancelling and amending if with a closed accounting period? I want the users not to do anything with past dates. Please help me. Thank you.