No email inbox on UI and new emails don't trigger an alert


I can’t seem to find the email inbox on the interface of ERPNext

I thought the bell icon would light up and show the number of unread emails, but it doesn’t. I have to click on the bell then click on ‘open documents’ then ‘communications’ to see the emails. Is this intended? If I search ‘inbox’ in the search bar, I turn up no results. I can send and receive emails with ERPNext so I assumed I’ve set up the email correctly. I’ve also assigned the email accounts to a user already.

Any help on this?

There are no immediate notifications for email inboxes. I agree that there should be. The whole notifications interface could use a rethink perhaps. In the short term, it would be relatively simple for a developer to add a new menu bar item dedicated to email. I started hacking together something for my own use at one point, but never really followed through with it. In the longer term, I think the technical pieces are in place to make email a first-class experience on ERPNext, but I don’t know that it’s an initiative that the community can spearhead.

There’s also a bug in email notifications: [bug] Email account function "Notify if unreplied" not working · Issue #12426 · frappe/frappe · GitHub

How is the state if this? I cant even see my inbox. Is this intentionally?