No error or validation message display in development mode

Dear Expert.

I always encounter an issue while making entries in various transactions of ERPNext 14 modules. When a validation error occurs, the system does not display any message initially. Instead, it just beeps and does not proceed further. However, upon rebooting the server and attempting the same transaction again, the system shows a pop-up message for validation.
I am seeking your assistance in understanding the root cause of this issue and guidance on how to resolve it. Your prompt response and support in resolving this matter will be highly appreciated.

With Best Regards,
Amol Anturkar

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Iā€™m having the same issue and would love to know what caused this and how we might be able to solve it. Maybe there is also a place where Frappe/ERPNext is storing these error messages so we can see it from the files (e.g. error logs) instead to debug it?

My bench and frappe were not installed using user=root but error messages are still not showing sometimes