No Expiry Date for Serial Number?


Does anyone know why the Expiry Date option only available for Batch No and not Serial No?


Serialised item only follows a Serial Number.

Example: A mobile phone which a unique serial number. so if you purchase 10 pcs of that mobile phone you will have to enter 10 serial numbers.

Lets say there is a medical device which have serial number but the consumable in the original package is expiry consumable then you will need Serial number as well as Batch to enter expiry date.

In above example of Medical device if we purchase 10pc then as per your logic of having serial number with expiry user will have to enter expiry dates 10 times which is not very practical approach.

Typical business processes where batches are used to manage products with limited shelf life, or it could be a design choice based on technical constraints or regulatory compliance.

Batches are commonly used to manage products with expiration dates, while serial numbers may be more focused on individual item tracking for purposes like warranty or quality control. The system’s design is align with typical business practices in different industries.

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Thanks @fkardame and @rk_root but I wasn’t specific enough in my original question, I was more wondering if there was a technical reason that ERPNext an expiry date was only available for batch numbers.

I actually work in the medical device industry, where traceability is critical, and have a use case where a device requires a serial number and has an expiry date. The device is actually manufactured in batches but within the batch every device is individually identified and tested prior to release.

We have similar use case and we use serial number and batch together and it works fine.

That’s good to hear. Is that in a standard v15, or are any customisations needed?