No fields in the Web Form after partial-restore

Hi all please I have a problem when I try to do a partial-restore of the doctype webform on another instance.

I have two instances A and B.

On instance A I created a form and then I made a partial backup of the Web Form doctype with the bench backup --only “Web Form” command

On instance B I did a restore with the command bench partial-restore path/to/backup

After the restore I find my form but there are no fields inside. All the sections are well filled except the fields.

I tried to do a bench migrate command after the partial-restore but I get the same result.

Any ideas or solutions please ?

ERPNext: v13.13.0
Frappe Framework: v13.13.0

Thanks in advance !

You have to mention the child tables (Table fieldtype) inside “Web Form” too, given they are stored in separate tables. The following command should work for you:

bench backup --only “Web Form,Web Form Field”

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Thank you very much, it works for me !