No GST Setting and in Chart of Accounts

I installed ERPNext: v12.19.0 (version-12) and Frappe Framework: v12.16.3 (version-12), and created a company.

I found there is not GST in Chart of Accounts. Check screenshot:

More worry, is that there is not GST setting. When I search in search bar (ctrl-G) for “GST Setting”, then nothing comes up.

In forum or on Internet, I could not find such issue reported or solution.

Can it be issue with installation or it is version issue.

Following information may be useful for extending help:

I selected Language “English United-kingdom” and Country “India”.

Go to Company, change the country to Afganistan (or any other country) and change it back to India.
This should solve your problem

Thank you Manan_Shah for your help. I tried earlier with some other country. Now on your suggestion I tried with Afganistan, saved, logged out. Logged in, changed country to India and saved.

Still no success.

I also found on many occasions, like saving after changing country, and import, on saving, screen get dimmed and never come back to normal, which I assume that system hanged. On refreshing or in new window when I see, the action is shown as successful. I such behaviour of ERPNext normal?

Is such hanging be the reason for my GST issue.

During installation (which I did many times), on initial setup, it give time out, on retry it make success. Again is this behaviour common?

Hi @hsrai
While creating Company I used the template Indian Standard Chart of Accounts. It automatically given me required Account heads of GST in the Chart of Accounts.
In your case If it is not given nothing to worry configure the GST details in the company Address and Supplier’s Address[If present] then create Account heads for GST alongside with TDS and then configure those Account heads in GST Settings

(GST Features in ERPNext)


I also use Indian Standard Chart of Accounts, but it created only TDS.

Will follow you advice and report.

Hi @hsrai

The screen is dimmed because the system is performing some tasks on Save of Company, please give it some time to complete these tasks, do not refresh it while the system is dimmed (making changes ). If you let the system complete this task, your problem should get solved. This problem usually occurs as during installation some India specific settings/doctypes were not installed correctly. Refer this GST settings missing in Accounts Module - #6 by nabinhait
Please change the value of country to India>Save and see if it solves your problem

Not related

Setting up the instance the first time requires a lot of memory, if you have low RAM it may time-out, regardlessly when you complete the setup, it does it normally.

Thank you @Manan_Shah

I tried the trick suggested, but found no success.

I see following (only 3 items):

while there must be about 10 items, similar to image below:

Is there something I can do from bench, to remove this deficiency?

On same computer I have two instances of ERPNext. One is fine with respect to above image, and other is showing only 3 items. Both have same version of ERPNext (12.9) while Frappe Framework is different, with 12.16.3 is not working fine, while with v12.15.0 working fine.

Any pointer to solve the issue will be appreciated.

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Hi, I cannot see the images or items that you are referring to


The images are links from github. Just see if there is any security feature on your device which prevents display of images from other domains.

I will also try to post links (URLs) in some other way.

Image posted in 1st post:

and in 8th posts: i.e.

and i.e.

Images are visible to me. May be it’s issue with browser rendering.

the same issue is seen in my environment too. Only 3 items in the GST module are available. Would be helpful if anyone could contribute to the issue

I am also having same issue. Could you solve the issue?

@Manan_Shah Your suggestion solved my problem. Earlier I was also seeing only three option as mentioned by @hsrai . Yes I changed my company country to Afghanistan. Saved it and then changed it back to India. And saved it. As said by @hsrai it dimmed my erpnext browser view for a minute of so but then came back to normal. And then I could see all the options for GST. Snapshot pasted below.