No icons on the desk after a fresh installation using Easy Install

I have just installed a fresh copy of ERPNext using Easy Install.
After all the installation steps were successfully done, I logged in using Administrator Login and found no icon on the desk.

Edit: Also, seeing these errors on my browser console.

Any idea what could be the issue?

Ruchin Sharma


working fine on on develop branch please try to reload the application using shift + ctrl + r

I did try 10-15 times, but nothing is working.
Just updating my web browser let see what happens.

Ruchin Sharma

@ruchin78 What is your browser version?

try bench migrate

Here is my browser version:

I did try it too, but nothing happened.

Please upgrade Firefox to atleast v50

@Pawan @netchampfaris @makarand_b
Its done and here are is the solution of the problem:

First run:
sudo apt-get update

Then run upgrade command to install firefox latest version:

sudo apt-get upgrade firefox
sudo apt-get install firefox

Ruchin Sharma

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